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UAV Mission Recording system (DVR)

Neuronics Mission Recording System is designed to fully record all mission gathered data including STANAG streams, VoIP communication channels and additional sensors such as LIDAR, SONAR and RADAR.

ATR Server

Automatic Target recognition server for STANAG 4609 streams.  Neuronics ATR Server, is a field proven flexible ATR solution. The ATR interfaces different detectors modules including interfacing of third-party detectors modules. 

STANAG 4609 player

The STANAG 4609 Player enables viewing and interaction with video and associated metadata streams and plays them on standard browser. The Player shows the UAV status and gauges over the video.

STANAG 4609 Transmitter

The STANAG 4609 transmitter is used to transmit video and metadata in a universal NATO standard accepted by all UAV monitoring and control.

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