Intelligent Systems

Monitoring, configuring, and controlling autonomous vehicles, UAVs, drones’ fleet and swarms, requiring low latency standard video and metadata transmission.


We Provide Real-Time Data Analytics & Data Solutions


Neuronics transmission modules conform to NATO’s STANAG 4609 standards for video and metadata transmission. Neuronics provides download free web-based players for video and metadata using WebRTC.

Open Platform

Neuronics modules are running on a variety of devices including Nvidia Jetson, On-Prem servers, AWS and Azure cloud platforms.

Central Control

Neuronics system enables viewing and controlling multiple vehicles and drones from the same control point.

Field Tested

Neuronics modules are tested and used in the field and in production by leading UAV, vehicles, drones, autonomous boats, and robot.

AI Integration

Adding detectors and classifiers to the streaming or digestion process creates insights from unmonitored video. Neuronics tools adds the detection metadata according to NATO’s MISB 0903 VMTI standard.



UAV Mission Recording system (DVR) ​

Neuronics Mission Recording System is designed to fully record all mission gathered data including STANAG streams, VoIP communication channels and additional sensors such as LIDAR, SONAR and RADAR.

STANAG 4609 player

The STANAG 4609 Player enables viewing and interaction with video and associated metadata streams and plays them on standard browser. The Player shows the UAV status and gauges over the video.

STANAG 4609 Transmitter

The STANAG 4609 transmitter is used to transmit video and metadata in a universal NATO standard accepted by all UAV monitoring and control.


Neuronics is proud to be part of the NVIDIA Inception Program


Founded in 2020, Neuronics is a privately held company specializes in powering intelligence for defense systems in the field of video and AI integration for UAVs, drone swarms, ground vehicles, autonomous ships, underwater autonomous vehicles, ground vehicles and robots. Neuronics operates according to NATO’s STANAG 4609 standards for all video and metadata transmission

Neuronics products are already being used in the filed by leading Israelis companies such as Elbit and IAI. We use the most innovative technologies in the market today and full AI integration capabilities to any detectors in all of our products. Our flexible licensing model, makes it easy and cost effective to our customers as well as our support services.